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  • A Civil Engineer with 16 years experience in the construction industry


Jean-Michel Albert is a Sydney-based Civil Engineer with 16 years’ experience in the construction industry spanning the project life cycle – from front-end constructability planning, and onsite delivery management, to back-end commercial closeout and dispute resolution support. He has further qualifications in engineering management and commercial law and currently focuses on matters relating to project delay, disruption, and associated costs. Here, Jean-Michel draws on his background as a site engineer for a top-tier contractor to bring a ‘solutions focus’ to technically and commercially challenging problems as a consultant in both front-end project planning and back-end forensic analysis roles.


Jean-Michel has recently:

  • lead the preparation of extension of time claims associated with costs exceeding $US 800M for offshore oil and gas developments in western Africa and South America,

  • acted as lead assistant drafting expert reports on delay to energy generation projects in southern Africa, and

  • prepared expert reports on delay and facilitated executive level negotiations for infrastructure and building projects in the Middle East and Australia.


Independent Expert

Jean-Michel has authored independent delay expert reports for counsel facilitated mediations and executive negotiations and has been ‘lead’ assistant drafting independent delay and disruption reports for arbitration and litigation proceedings.


Delivery Support

Jean-Michel has extensive experience assisting both client-side and contractor-side organisations with program risk management, program recovery and developing or responding to time-related claims.

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