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  • Over 40 years’ experience within the engineering and construction industry

  • Testified in the Technology and Construction Court, London as party appointed and single joint expert

  • Acted as a single joint expert

  • Experience of cross-examination and hot tubbing




A Chartered Quantity Surveyor and a Fellow of the RICS, Charles Gurnham is a founder partner of gb2 with over 40 years’ experience advising on engineering and building projects around the world.


Charles has spent a large part of his career within contracting organisations. Trained in the procedures and methods of large international contractors, he applies his detailed knowledge to forensic examination of large and complicated engineering disputes within the field of expert examination.

Charles has provided expert analysis on a number of disputes, acting for both claimant and defendant/respondent within the High Court, arbitration and adjudication process under UK, Uncitral and ICC rules. He has testified in the High Court in London (TCC) and at International Arbitration and several ADR ‘hearings’ (adjudication, mediation and conciliation).


Charles experience includes:

  • TCC, iconic skyscraper: multi-million sterling claims for constructive acceleration, delay, disruption and extra work;

  • TCC, telecommunications/infrastructure project: multi-million sterling claims for damages;

  • Domestic arbitration: energy dispute, multi-million sterling claims in connection with the evaluation of the final account, including claims for damages;

  • International arbitration: highways dispute, multi-million euro claims in connection with the evaluation of variations, prolongation and disruption;

  • International Arbitration; process plant, multi-billion dollar claims in connection with variations, prolongation, disruption and acceleration.

"Charles is very thorough and shows a real understanding of the principles that are relevant to the case. He is able to clearly and effectively consider the facts and evidence, whilst always looking to maintain his objectivity."

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