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gb2 are regularly appointed to work on industry leading construction and engineering projects around the world. We provide high-quality high-value expert witness services and strategic expert quantity surveying advice. Here are a few examples of our capability...

gb2 expert quantum witness services building projects

The Shard is the tallest building in the EU and has been the focus of extensive publicity over its short lifespan. With a multi-million sterling dispute threatening its completion, we were asked to be the project’s quantum expert on behalf of the defendant. Our role was to ascertain loss and expense, acceleration, defective works and the evaluation of the final account together with 3rd party losses. This involved the provision of expert witness testimony heard by the TCC before the judge, Mr Justice Akenhead.


Our quantum expert witness, Charles Gurnham, was described in the judgment as “cerebral, genial and canny”. His various quantum analyses were used within the judgment on numerous occasions.

gb2 expert quantum witness services process engineering projects

gb2 was appointed to act as the quantum expert witness in an international arbitration concerning the construction of a new sewage treatment works in the Middle East. The dispute included a broad variety of claims, for example: measurement issues; variations; rectification of defects; prolongation; and, claims for the lost recovery of head office overheads. The total value of the claims was substantial, in the region of around QAR450 million.


Through our careful and detailed approach, gb2 was able to provide highly persuasive testimony to the tribunal as to the proper quantum of the claims. Our expert’s views were preferred to that of the opposing quantum expert.


Our success on this project came, not only from our thoroughness and attention to detail, but from our ability to work effectively within our client’s team: with its project staff, lawyers, counsel, and other expert witnesses.

gb2 expert quantum witness services rail projects

When a major dispute threatened to hold up a US$ multi-billion rail project (FIDIC Red Book), we were appointed by an international consortia to provide expert quantity surveying advisory services. Relationships between the parties were strained to the point that the success of the entire project was in jeopardy.

Our quantum experts, working closely with solicitors and barristers, were given just two months to provide a high level overview of potential recovery and the associated risks. Having identified the key issues, we were then asked to provide senior management with a realistic level of entitlement on which a key strategic decision could be based.

Our investigations and analysis identified the key quantum issues, following which our client was able to reach a negotiated settlement, avoiding costly and lengthy litigation, and enabling the project to proceed with new impetus.

gb2 expert quantum witness services process engineering projects

Faced with a major multi-million sterling dispute in the UK, an international power and process specialist contractor (with a turnover of US$6 billion) appointed us to provide independent quantum expert opinion. This covered everything from the valuation of variations to acceleration, disruption and prolongation claims. Our client, who had been appointed by the terminal operator to provide engineering, construction, fabrication, and support services for the end user, was naturally keen to avoid a lengthy court case.


Working closely with our client, we carried out detailed work, enabling them to settle at negotiation, thus avoiding costly and protracted litigation. As a result of our involvement, the project was completed successfully, to the satisfaction of all parties.

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