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  • Over 16 years’ experience within the engineering and construction industry

  • Appointed as a Quantum Expert and testified in ICC Arbitration and ADR ‘hearing’ 

  • Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence




A Chartered Quantity Surveyor and a Chartered Construction Manager, Dale Langley is a partner of gb2 with extensive experience on a wide variety of projects around the world; ranging in both size and complexity.  He has previously worked for contractors and consultants but now specialises in forensic examination of the quantum of construction projects and providing expert quantum opinion.

Dale has been appointed as quantum expert on a number of disputes acting for owners and contractors.  He has testified in ICC Arbitration and mediation and also has experience of concurrent evidence (“hot tubbing”).

Dale’s experience includes:

  • International arbitration, process facility: multi-million dollar claims and counterclaims opining on the valuation of the works, termination costs, additional costs of completing the works and wastage of high value materials;

  • Arbitration, airport terminal: advised on disruption claim and the valuation of the works;

  • Expert advice, high rise residential building: advised an insurance company on the million sterling cost of remedial works required as a result of large scale water damage;

  • International arbitration, LNG liquefaction facility: undertook detailed investigations and analysis of multi-million dollar claims brought by a specialist subcontractor for variations and disruption; and

  • Litigation, low rise residential: advised on the valuation of remedial works necessary due to a defective façade allowing water ingress.

"Thank you for your advice it undoubtedly saved [our client] a lot of money."

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