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  • Over 25 years’ practical experience within the engineering and construction industry

  • Testified in international arbitration proceedings

  • BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

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Trent is an Associate Partner at gb² with over 25 years’ experience in project disputes, claims management, quantity surveying, project management, and international arbitrations.


Prior to joining gb², Trent has worked directly for clients, consultants, contractors and subcontractors and at on-site locations across Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.


Previous positions including extensive involvement on large multi-faceted installations, including power stations, offshore marine windfarms, the tallest buildings in the world, motorways, train network depots, and food, gas and pharmaceutical plants, have allowed Trent to develop a specialist understanding of time and quantum behind complex and high risk civil, mechanical and electrical productions and projects.

Trent's experience includes:


  • Appointed as quantum expert on a gas district cooling centre project dispute. He has also been a witness of fact including providing oral testimony and being cross-examined in international arbitrations.

  • He has assisted in the preparation and writing of expert witness reports for quantum on international litigation hearings and arbitrations.

  • Has undertaken forensic investigations into price and cost-based claims and irregular project accounting and the detailed investigations into the technical provisions of contracts, pricing, costs and claims under differing procurement and contractual regimes.

  • He has provided advice to quasi-government organisations and major private sector clients on procurement strategies, contractual arrangements, risk exposure and auditing for international infrastructure works.

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